Queen bed or full sized sleeper sofa?

We currently offer a full sized bed in the bedroom and a twin sized sleeper sofa in the living room and advertise as accommodating 3 people (although we also have a cot and have done 4 on occasion when folks ask). We’ve gotten great reviews thus far (83 and have maintained Superhost) and a few have mentioned the bed being comfortable. The building and decor are mid century modern and we inherited the full headboard and footboard in mint condition from that era and an almost brand new mattress. We can only afford one upgrade at a time. We have been debating between purchasing a queen sized mattress and looking for an appropriate headboard/footboard, or purchasing a full sized sofa bed, meaning we can advertise as accommodating 4 people. The bedroom is not big enough for a king, and the living room not big enough for a queen sleeper, so going even bigger is not an option. Which do you think would bring the greatest return on investment? We are currently a mid priced option in a pretty good location in Seattle with a water and mountain view (from the living room). We currently charge $10 per night for each person beyond two. Thanks in advance for any insight.

I would go with the queen bed. Many people assume a sofa bed will be uncomfortable.


So you think having a bigger main bed outweighs being able to host 4 people instead of 3? I am torn as I feel like there aren’t as many places that accomodafe 4 so that could give us an edge??

I guess I’m confused. A queen bed sleeps two. Explain how the 3-4 person idea works. Leave out all details except the sleeping arrangements.
Hosting up to 4 is a great idea if it’s a family or couples. We occasionally do it for repeat guests as we usually only accommodate two. We have a futon sleeper sofa that turns into a full size flat bed that works well.I would never host pairs of strangers, too much like a boarding house!

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This is an entire home rental. The current bed in the bedroom is a full/double bed. It sleeps two. The sofa sleeper currently sleeps one. Many people want a bigger, Queen or even King sized bed. But a bigger sleeper sofa could sleep 2 people instead of one, for a total of four instead of three. Two couples traveling together, etc.

So you are going to replace the full size bed with a queen and keep the single sofa bed OR keep the full size bed in the bedroom and replace the single sofa bed with a queen sofa bed? If this is the case, I would update the queen size sofa bed so you can sleep four. Once this is done, when you have the funds, you could upgrade the double bed to a queen at a later date.


Reading comprehension is low tonight:

Configuration 1: full bed plus a full sofa sleeper
Configuration 2: queen bed plus single sofa sleeper


Most sleerper sofas are torture chambers. IMHO

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