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QR Code in NSW Australia

Dear All,
My Airbnb has been dormant since departure of my last guests as we have been in lockdown in Greater Sydney since late June 2021.
Out of the blue I had an enquiry for tomorrow night and the next night with early check in . The person has been in Queensland (interstate for anyone not in Australia lol) and has been on a farm in NSW for 2 weeks. Says he’s dotted all the i’s and crossed all the T’s and is eligible to stay in the area.

I’ve made my decision which is go ahead with the booking however in trying to research it the police assistance line said I needed a QR code check in. Im now online to another Government Department however found this:

Businesses must have a QR code check in in place:
quote • hotel or motel accommodation (excluding residents or overnight guests who have checked in) unquote

Do any other AIRBNB in greater Sydney have experience of this ? Appears that if you are checked in to a hotel or motel (airbnb not specifically mentioned of course!) you dont need to sign in via the QR code system.

Not really asking advice on whether I should i accept booking or not, really just requesting whether the QR code check in is mandatory for airbnb!

Hoping this post could be useful for others.

Thank you all.



Do they have a phone number? Call and ask.

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Not getting a clear answer. Recommended but not mandatory… Just have to masses of paperwork to set it up. sigh

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