QR Code as Profile Picture?

Hey all,

First of all, this is a fantastic forum. As a new host, it has been so informative and I’ve been picking up a lot of useful info.

I just received a booking request, so, as I typically do, I ventured over to their profile to check them out, and saw that there were 2 profile pictures. First one was very normal, and then the second was a QR code. I scanned it, thinking it may be a clever way of adding additional information to the profile (or…a way to perhaps circumvent Air’s algorithms to provide info off the system), and it was a cell # and a message. I don’t know if it’s the guest’s phone number, it could have been, but I accidentally called it (and promptly hung up).

So I messaged the person and asked about it, just saying hey, did you know that you have a QR code with a phone number that may be yours on your profile that anyone can scan and access? haha. To which he replied that he didn’t know why it was there…but it’s not like he asked to book off of the system (which I would never do anyway).

Has anyone else seen this? I’m thinking it was just a mistake. Thanks in advance!

He is trying to circumvent Air’s rules about not sharing personal details (and thereby making your own arrangements to book and bypass Air’s fee.) Shady and they know exactly what they are doing.

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Furthermore, he’s dreaming! QR codes are such old technology now. I doubt many people will use it.

Agreed; I thought it was funny that it was a QR code. But the phone number wasn’t his. And the body of the message under the phone number was “Hey , I see that you changed your profile pic.” Weird. He didn’t ask to book off the system, and didn’t ask for discounts, etc, so I booked him. He’s originally from the area, visiting his father who is in a home and traveling with his wife. This is what I typically get, because it’s not like I’m in a tourist hub. Thanks for weighing in!