Putting an Airbnb button/badge on my website


I have a website for my Airbnb property www.applebylodgewicklow.com and on the booking page I have a link to Airbnb. I was wondering if there is a button or badge that i can use that would look better than what I have now which is just the url address which doesn’t look great.


Personally if I had a website I wouldn’t be directing people to book through Airbnb, I would be taking bookings directly.

I would also say upfront how many people/how many bedrooms, so people know if it’s for them.

There was something on Airbnb’s website about how you can use their brand - You could then embed the URL into the logo for their brand and link it to your listing if you wanted to direct people to Airbnb.

I couldn’t see it though, so perhaps give them a call and ask?


@douglas take the bookings direct, its easy to set up a free account with Freetobook and they take the payments online and send it to your paypal account.


Agreed. Directing them to Airbnb might also send them to another listing.


Also the back link might be against the Air TOS possibly. Just remove it and start marketing your property on your own!

That looks interesting! Any downside? What do they charge?

Airbnb offers badges to be embedded on websites. See the instructions here: https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/923/how-can-i-share-or-embed-my-listing-on-other-websites

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I’ve used freetobook for 4yrs and its not cost me a penny, I only take payment via paypal, they charge for creditcards through something called FabPay. I think they charge £39 per year if you want the calendar to link to your B.com & airbnb accounts, connection to TA and expedia is free.
A lot of B&B owners use it and we get good feedback on our BedPosts forum.


Love the suggestion, thanks SO MUCH

I have our listings embedded on various other websites using the html code that Airbnb provides. I aim for the sidebar and then it’s shown on every page but in recent months the html has provided a wider photograph/text than it used to. This means that it’s a little too wide for most sidebars which is annoying. It’s great for use within articles though.

Wow, that is a wonderful tip! I’ve been researching the best tools to set up a webpage and this part, the booking and payment was driving me to logify or others, but they were a bit costly. Thanks. What did you use to set up your webpage?

I use Wordpress for my website

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Yes I am super interested in how this works and how it can possibly be free.

Can you add inline CSS to override their code?

I have a paypal business account and pay fees to paypal and transfers from paypal to my bank are free. I pay nothing to freetobook.
Its that long since I set up freetobook, me brains foggy. When setting it up you choose paypal as your payout option & full payment at time of booking. I do nothing else, I get 2 e-mails, one from freetobook letting me know I have a booking and one from paypal letting me know payment has been received.

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Here’s another bit

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I wonder if they would charge you on a personal PayPal account. I don’t have a business one.

No idea, but its simple to open a business account.

Hours. They use the iCal connection, as far as I’m aware, but do stand to be corrected if anyone knows otherwise.