Putting a bad tenant on data base

Hi all
I would like to report a bad tenant so that other hosts are notified when he books with them. Any idea how to do this? Any help will be much appreciated:)

Leaving him a bad review on Airbnb is the best way. There is also an Airbnb guest blacklist group you can join on Facebook. Just search those words. You have to be approved by the group administrators. It’s supposed to be hosts only.


The only way to guarantee that potential hosts see your information is to give the guest a bad review. There is no database that is seen by every host in the world but when a guest is trying to book, your review will be seen by potential hosts. Bear in mind two things:

  1. Be completely factual in your review. What pisses you off might not bother another host
  2. If the guest was truly unacceptable be sure you’ve reported details to Airbnb. Whether it will do any good, I’m not sure but you’ll feel that you’ve done your best.

Thanks Jaquo
The guests left a huge stain on the carpet and stains on the brand new comforter that I bought only two weeks ago. I have requested money from him (pictures sent) but he declined saying they did not spill anything. Riiight… It must have been me then, as I am the one who cleans…
Anyway, escalated it to air to get involved. Will see what happens.
I do not have security. If air does not help me, then I am just going to raise my prices to cover possible things like this.
My prices are still slightly lower than other hosts here, so I have some room to pay with.

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It would be an excellent idea to do so. It gives you a little financial leverage but also it means that guests are likely to be better if they know that their deposit will be called into play if they damage anything.

And yes, make sure that you include wear and tear and an amount for repairs, maintenance, breakages and so on in your pricing.

P.S. Don’t worry too much about being cheaper or even the same as other nearby hosts - if you charge more, offer better value :slight_smile:

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