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Public host response time window

I have never read anywhere that there is a small window of time to leave a “public host response” to a “published guest review.” I had forgotten to leave a pleasant public response for two separate October 2019 guests who were both lovely people. The prompt for a response is missing.

Just heard from Airbnb: “Hosts have a 30 day timeframe to leave a public response.” My 30 days timeframe ended on November 7.

Thankfully. I get enough notifications from Airbnb as it is. But then again, I’ve only responded to a review once in 555 reviews.

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You don’t get a prompt to leave a response only to review. @Julz

I think you can respond for up to two weeks - so not really a short window :grin:

Yes, it’s in the help section of Airbnb. Speaking of responses, you do get a notification of a review received so why not use that as your prompt to respond. Also you should be checking your listing several times a month, if not several times a week. That way you can stay on top of things like this.

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I only reply to a review if I need to correct something in the review. I’m not sure if the guests would even see it unless they came to your page.

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