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Prune me on guest profile


Yes, it does, doesn’t it. The title of this thread should say prune_me!


Later… ID not compromised. This is an internal Airbnb software glitch that affects all who have their profile listed as “admin”. No fix date yet


Having the same issue…also if you use the transaction reports those show prune_me do not show up but the funds are transferred to your account.


Same problem here. Prune_me replaces guests name and although reservation is on the calendar there is no record of it in the transactions. In fact Airbnb say they have no record of the transactions but admit they show up on the calendar. I have had four bookings in mid December with the “prune_me” but no money for them. I have noticed it is also on several recent bookings for future date. Can it be Airbnb has been hacked?


@HPRed43 Hi, My initial thought was that Airbnb and I, specifically, had been hacked because I reported this Dec. 19, and support acted surprised. Air never sent anything out regarding the changes that they are making to the site that impacts Hosts/Admin’s ability to do normal business. This is something that Air has been doing since December, I suppose, and they are just now admitting to the screw up.
I am in the same boat and did finally get paid, but you should call if you’re not getting your money. The whole thing is just band aids to fix what they’ve caused.


BTW- you can create another profile and add yourself as a co-host to view missing information. That’s what I did.

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