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Providing amenities and household products?

Hi everyone!

I am planning to take on a AirBnB property management soon. Through my experience as a AirBnB guest, I appreciate properties that provide things like shampoo, snacks, dishware etc.

How much do you provide and how much do you spend on it? Do guests tend to use more if I provide more?

What resources do you suggest?
I use Amazon for small items I use here and there, Boxed for bulk things, Ikea has super expensive shipping, any sites for houseware delivery?

How much are hosts willing to pay each month for maintenance?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Another resource is the search feature of this site. By using it you can find other threads where these issues have been discussed and other services such as yours have advertised.

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Agreed. And there are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles online about how to be a super-duper, wonderful host. Most of these are written by people who haven’t hosted or have hosted only for a few months but they are a good place to start although they are incredibly misleading.

You see, every home, every apartment, every location, every guest differs. For example, our rental is differently equipped depending on whether guests are elderly or teenagers. Some hosts equip their rentals differently depending on whether it’s summer or winter. Some hosts accept kids and pets, others don’t. They have different additional requirements. There are too many variables.

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Try Harbor Linen, HD Supply, InnStyle, & Ski & Sea International!

I order hotel-sized toiletries on amazon. I’ve also ordered individual packs of coffee, mattress and pillow covers, etc. I love my prime membership.

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