Provide guests with a mobile guestbook

There is a new service from Favrit ( that helps hosts to make their list of local recommendations mobile, by including them in the Favrit local bookmarking app. Favrit is free, and they help to get you started (they will even help to input your recommendations if your list is too long). A cool way to provide your guests with that little extra. You can check out the service here:

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@Anke how’s using the favrit app different from creating a public Yelp or Facebook list of local recommendations? One other option is a guestbook like this one I stumbled upon -… by @jaquo who I hope doesn’t mind the random mention. It is not in the format of a list and is more of a combo between what Airbnb calls a house manual and a compilation of local recommendations. @jaquo do you print this guestbook and leave it for guests in their room/apartment? Do you send them a link? Or do you just have it online in case a guest comes across it and finds it useful? If you don’t mind me asking… what percent of your guests use the guestbook - offline and online? I’m guessing you can gauge the online count based on the # of views you get for it each month. And in general, do you find having a guestbook helpful?

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Both :slight_smile:

I send guests the online link and have a printed version in the apartment. I encourage guests to take the printed version home as a souvenir.

That guestbook is amazing @jaquo . I will start working on mine, inspired by yours.

I have a small question: you listed several restaurants/shops with the address, but are you providing any kind of map so they know where they are located? I am hosting in a foreign country and my (foreign) guests struggle to find the places (different language, writing system…). Now I am using a very detailed Google Maps link, but I have found they really don’t check them, or is too much information on it (is well organised though). Thank you!

Thank you :slight_smile:

No but you’re right. I should do so. They are all in the guidebook section of my listing though :slight_smile: