Prostitute using sydney airbnb homes. WARNING to hosts

I had a guest under the name of Tayla (profile has since been removed) . Do an instant book.
I should have listened to my gut instinct when I met the woman (who looked nothing like the profile photo).
She explained that they were there for work and she is checking in for her boss (this happens all the time) Just she didn’t “look” like the type to hold down a job.

On check-out The home was left open, keys stolen and the home was trashed. The cleaners were threatened by what must have been “clients” left in the home. I had to have police escort me into my own property.

I should have done this earlier… and i urge ALL hosts to do the same. If a guest uses a different phone number to do the main communication with you to google it.

I did google 0421956071 when it was too late and found two listings for prostitution services.

Apart from the spit on the walls, poo on the floor and blood on the sheets, god knows what else was over the home.

I have just opened a case with airbnb and I hope the resolution will be a lot smoother than the last two times guests damaged the home and let it in a disgusting state.

If you don’t live on the property you are renting you absolutely must invest in security cameras on the exterior of your property. In the future you will be able to see who is coming and going from your rental. Also when you put a picture of the camera(s) in the listing and tell guests that “the property is video monitored for your safety,” you will stop prostitutes from booking your place at all. The video can be used in airbnb resolution cases and in complaints filed with the police. Good luck with your current case. If you search this forum you will see this has happened to several hosts world wide.


This is a good idea even if one is living on the property. If the guest area is sufficiently detached from the host’s residence, guests might get up to who knows what.


OH gosh. karma is correct. You must get a camera and do as she advises. I’m afraid that ladies of the night and their jons will keep renting Airbnbs so hosts should be vigilant.

Thnaks for the advice! :slight_smile:

We are living one floor under our appartment we are renting. It’s easier to keep control.

If it was not the case I would get camera

Thank you. Am looking into that now. :slight_smile: