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Prospective host


Hi, I am a prospective host looking to rent out the entire top floor in a duplex condo. I will be occupying the ground floor. The entire condo has one entrance. How do you handle such a situation where you will have to either provide them with a copy of the key which I would like avoid, or install some sort of a swipe card system.

Any suggestions?


Hey there, have a look at this previous thread for options. I know the August lock is coming out which sounds really promising, but it’s not the cheapest at $300.


Have you looked into combination code locks. You can give your guest a temporary code while your pushbutton code stays the same.


My set up is similar to yours only I occupy the top floor. I leave the studio unlocked and the key on the table for guests so we both have flexibility at arrival time. Most of the time I am home to greet them. But this is Hawaii, where things are a little more relaxed and this approach might not work for you. What about getting one of those real estate lockboxes? I see a lot of vacation rentals around here with those. They just install over the doorknob and contain the keys.

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