Prospective guest almost caught me

Had an inquiry yesterday for a guest who wanted to arrive at 3am (this is a private suite in our home and we state that we prefer to greet our guests, no self-check-in offered.) I replied that 3am is a little early for us but we could do 6am. She was happy with that. Then, just as I was about to approve the stay, it occurred to me she was asking for a free day since I would have had to block the day before in order to ensure the room was free at 6am. So I told her she would have to book the day before as well. She made a snarky comment after that and then she went away. :roll_eyes:

I think I would have been fooled into giving a free day away (which would have amounted to a 25% discount AND me getting up early on a holiday to greet them) if I hadn’t read other postings here with similar situations. I am grateful for this platform so I don’t have to learn everything the hard way. :astonished::dizzy_face::open_mouth:


Did your confusion have anything to do with the AM/PM system. Frankly, I hate it. A 24 hour clock causes way less confusion.


I agree although many people in the USA - in my experience anyway - won’t use it. I think they call it military time and think it’s only for armies. :slight_smile:


No, more like realizing that we rent the suite from check in time to check out time, not the calendar day. The prospective guest thought if she arrived anytime on the 4th (in this case, at 6am) then that was when her reservation started.

Not that we’re hotels, but her logic wouldn’t fly at a hotel, either.

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Not for most Americans! I got used to it when I lived in Europe but many in the USA are more confused by it.

I wonder, had you agreed to the very early check-in…they may have turned up at midnight, had a full nights kip for free!

I just put our listings on MisterBnB. I had to chose the following:

CheckIN from… to… // CheckOUT before …
12am / 1am / … / 11am / 12pm / 1pm / … :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Oh hell! I had to research the internet to make sure that 12pm is noon and not midnight :sweat_smile:.

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I have seen others have people try this, makes you wonder where they stay. I also do not do self check ins so do not do 3am so not an issue for me

If somebody was trying to check in the day before well I might mention I would need to check with the guest in the room that night to see if they are happy to share.


Makes me wonder if they just book the night before as they should. I bet they can figure it out.

I did hear once of a couple arriving very late/early (5 am) to their hotel and being told the room wasn’t available, that there were no empty rooms and they wondered if it had been given away or if there really was “no record of a reservation.” This was long ago pre-internet days.

happened to me once, i realised the day the checked in but it was to late to do anything so annoying and pretty sure they knew :frowning: and they were my worst guests.

Why don’t you just state in your ‘terms’ that check in has to be between 3pm and 10pm or similar. That way anything else is easily batted away.
I find a lot of young people who do loads of social media are casually rude if they do not get their way. Don’t stand for it.

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