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Proposing someone to become host on my behalf


I have an apartment far from the area where I normally live.

I wanted to propose my cleaner to manage it as a “professional host”, i.e. welcome guests, giving keys, provide cleaning services at the end of their stay and getting keys back.

What percentage shall I recognise to her? Are there use cases / examples / experiences?


Depends on supply and demand. Anywhere between 5 to 20%

This sounds like something you should be negotiating this with your “cleaner” for a fair and reasonable rate.

Basically she will be doing most of your work,I would say 20%.I used to do the same for my landlord,but I was managing 6 apartments.He was greedy and paid me normal cleaning hourly rate and extra for each check in.But I spent loads of time waiting for the guests when they were late or I had to sort stuff if they had any problem.I quit after a while and would not do it again.

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Thanks - This is the answer I was looking for, as it is based on experience! I don’t want to be greedy with my cleaner and I think I will propose her 25%.

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If you want to keep her I think 25% would be reasonable :slight_smile:

Just be certain that after paying out 25% and all of the other taxes, licenses, etc. that you are still going to be drawing a profit. Depending on where you host you may also have to pay an additional tax as an employer.

Yeah, this sound like this agreement will qualify you an an employer, so you will need to collect his or her Social Security and Medicare taxes for submission to the IRS. More info http://work.chron.com/tax-rules-employing-housekeeper-10188.html

If your rental is in a touristy area you might find that a management company works out at the same price, and can take on more of the work (i.e. manage bookings too)

If you can set up keyless entry i’d also suggest that. The time involved in coordinating meeting with guests can be considerable, and in my case I don’t know whether my housekeeper would be very happy waiting around for extra hours if she was only paid a flat fee.

I manage my place remotely and just pay my housekeeper by the hour for cleaning. It works out as way less than 20%.

Will you still be the person who is managing your listing and screening guests? If so, then I would just pay the regular cleaning fee, and then a separate fee for the trips she will have to take to welcome guests and do key exchange.

If she is going to be managing the entire account and your listing, keeping up with Airbnb site changes, local regulation, and reading this forum to keep abreast of how to resolve issues with guests and customer service responses, then I would pay a percentage like she is the property manager. But still pay her a separate cleaning fee.

In some areas in the U.S. only a legal real estate broker can be paid commission to manage a property. But you are allowd to pay someone hourly to manage it.

You might pay her normal cleaning cost plus a set fee for each check–in/out rather than a percentage. My reasoning is that while one party books 2 nights, another books 3 weeks and the amount of work for her is the same.

I wouldn’t do this… too much potential for trouble! It’s hard to manage an Airbnb from so far away and still maintain control of the quality. Heck… it’s hard to do HERE… and I live upstairs!

I once managed a beach rental here for my friends. What seemed like it should have been “easy” work turned out to be a big pain in the you-know-what… I wouldn’t do that job now at ANY price!

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