Property manager worth it?

Any tips on finding or using a property manager? I’m near Fort Lauderdale and the online reviews seem to be hit or miss around here. How do you find a good one and are they worth it? I’m single and I work full time, traveling about 20 days a month so I really need help.

Hi Betty,

Finding and choosing a co host must be incredibly difficult. Ideally, you’d want someone with Airbnb experience - someone who has been a host and who knows the ropes.

It’s an incredibly skilled job (although many people don’t realise it) and I’d hate to have to find someone who has the necessary experience. Just remember to never get anyone who isn’t familiar with Airbnb and the way everything works.

Although I’m in Fort Lauderdale I don’t know if there’s a local Facebook group but that would probably be your first port of call. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Great idea thank you!

I’m currently renting my spare room part time because I need to be home to clean and ensure all is well. I’ve tried out 2 housekeepers hoping I could trust someone to clean and set up properly if I wasn’t home but no, they don’t clean like I do or I’m just too picky?

If I had help I could easily rent the room full time in order to pay for another property. I just was reading the thread about using a rental, I’ve heard people do that it just seems like too many hands in the pot that way? However I am open to any easier way to obtain a rental property : )

Betty, an important thing to remember is that we never know what is going to happen with regulations in future. I’ve always thought that Fort Lauderdale, being such a tourist place, will never legislate against STRs but you never know. Be sure to have a contingency plan. Because our apartments are small but in a great area, we could easily move to long term tenants if we had to, for example.

Condo boards or homeowners’ associations can suddenly change their regulations too, banning STRs. I had to fight to do it here.

No, you’re not too picky. Airbnb guests are asked to judge us on cleanliness and so it’s something that’s important. The average ‘cleaning person’ doesn’t do that sort of job. I had an unexpected two month hospital stay a couple of years ago and although cleaning staff and an emergency co host managed okay (I’d got a great contingency plan, just in case) reviews slipped quite badly.

I honestly applaud people who are remote hosts. I could never do it though. Maybe I’m just a control freak.


Thanks Jaquo I’m actually in Plantation there is so much growth over here I’ve considered renting my larger 2/2 condo … with a garage and living in something else smaller. I just hate the idea of packing and moving. … About as much as I hate the ad pop up at the top of this page causing all my typo’s LOL

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BTW Glad you are out of the hospital!

Thank you Betty! Because I had a good contingency system in place I was earning money whilst in a coma :slight_smile:

I’m right in the thick of things in Fort Lauderdale about a mile from the beach - do you think that Plantation has a good appeal?

OMG Jaqou that sounds awful!!! I feel lucky to be texting you as a “neighbor” glad you are better!

Yes Plantation besides literally blowing up (24 hour fitness) that whole area is 5 min from me and several new high end condo’s, rentals only about $3k a month are being built. Google it!!

I’m thinking I might rent my condo out and get another one going in SOBE and live in it while I set it up… also closer to work for me :grin:

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