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Property management systems for Airbnb , any recommendations?

who has experience with smartbnb oder Airgms or other PMS for Airbnb ?
Who can recommend any system UX wise and funcionality on App as well. something that is really easy , has not many bugs and is fun to work with.

None of them are “really easy” unless they don’t do much. You will struggle with reliable Syncing to channels (which keep changing), customizing your rental agreement, email templates, triggers, pictures, etc

None of them can make it “easy or fun”. If they say do, it ain’t true.

Many are overpriced or buggy or not actively improved.

I use OwnerReservations. I have also heard good things about freetobook and smartbnb.

Capterra.com does reviews on many of them

I wouldn’t believe the company or a couple forum posters here only.

This is a huge decision. Don’t rush into it. Your post is too naive. Understand the reality, benefits and limits of this.

It really depends on your demands and type of of property.

I worked with Lodgify for a short while, really liked them and their customer support.
Unfortunately it cannot handly my complex demands, with multiple rates and properties.

As soon as you have a bit more complex ratings and use multiple channels, most small startups like Lodgify, Guesty, AirGMS, hostaway and many others fail because they are not real Channelmanagers.

One of the few (startups) PMS systems with a good channelmanager is Sabeeapp.
(Under the hood they work with one of the best channelmanagers in the world)

But the search for a good PMS is complex, you really need to write down all your needs and see wich one matches best. There is no 1-fits-all system.

what are these and how do they differ from ABB platform? From what I understand they are apps (?) and buggy (?). Why would anyone need them? What do they do? We have ABB (which is not fun and is buggy).

I’ve used smartbnb, airgms, superhost tools and a few others. They all do basically the same with a few differences. For example, smartbnb integrates with both vrbo and airbnb where superhost tools only integrates with airbnb but offers a pricing tool that the others don’t. I settled on superhost tools because it’s by far the easiest to use, it includes the pricing tool, it’s the cheapest and I only host on airbnb. If you’re looking for the easiest to use tool, I highly recommend superhost tools.

The reason I decided on ownerrez is that it was highly recommended on a couple forums I use, has a lot of functionality, owned by vacation rentals owners, etc

But again, there is no easy or simple to use PMSes if you do complex stuff.

Hello Hosts!

I have seen a lot of great responses on PMSes to use but what do you folks use to manage the operational side of your properties?

  • How do you schedule cleaning for 5+ listings and know if the job has been done well?
  • How do you resupply your listings with rental essentials (towels, cleaning supplies, etc.)

Any tips help!


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