Property Management Company

Has anyone used a Property Management company for their Airbnb? We are in the US Pacific Northwest. Thank you!

@Julie_Bill_Briley where are you located? We use one in our Spanish property, and it is less a management company and more a local who does property management. I would definitely look into a local running a small business versus a large company, as that can sometimes be a sterile experience for guests.

Hi @Julie_Bill_Briley Julie_Bill_Brierly - hope you managed to find a property manager for your Airbnb rental. If you are still looking for one, or need to find one in the future - I can help you through my Airbnb/VR property manager and host services marketplace: Airhosta -

We not only have property managers, but also a wide range of other host service providers - like cleaners, concierge, key exchange etc…

Let me know if I can help anyway, or need any tips on finding a good property manager - Rian