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Property Management Company - Starting Out

Hi everyone,

I’m just in the process of starting my property management company. Is anyone else here working as a ‘full time’ property manager? I just started with my first couple but am launching a website and hoping to sign up more customers soon.

Would appreciate any tips/tricks if anyone has experience with growing their portfolio.



I would approach your marketing to grow your business as you would any other business.

  1. Identify your target market

  2. Identify what makes you different/better than your competitors

  3. Carry out market research on the best communications channels to use to reach your target audience

  4. Put together a marketing plan and budget based on your research to reach your target market

Thanks Helsi - do you run one yourself? Would be great to hear about your experience if so.

No long time host and my day job is in marketing and comms. (Do co-host sometimes). @StayLondonManaged

You are operating in a crowded market place in London so make sure you focus on the ‘why me’ answer - you need clear tangible benefits you offer your customers.

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