Property/listing management

Hello to all the hosts.
i was curios to know how many hosts on this platform manage listings for other hosts?
what do you find are the downfalls to it and if its a tough job to manage?
Also how do you get into managing?
i look forward to all the responses!

Hello @Candice_Kallmann?

Providing management support for STRs is like any other business. Do your market research to see how many others are doing this is your area, what they charge and what services they provide.

See what you can do that is different/better. Decide how you will cost and market your services.

If you are a Superhost, you can register as a co-host on Airbnb in a lot of major cities and then hosts looking for support can contact you.

Your question ‘is it a tough job to manage’ is a bit of a how long is a piece of string question.

Surely that depends on what else you do, your business model and whether you have your pricing model set up correctly.

You need to work out whether you can develop a profitable model that fits in with your lifestyle and whether you understand how to market this service. Look at what others do you will need to invest in a website, social media, paid advertising etc.

Unless you already have a strong local host network and just want to pick up a couple of co-hosting jobs to supplement your income.

Thank you for your advice @Helsi
I will definitely do more research

If you manages an Airbnb or STR before, I’d say it’s the same plus the added pressure of doing it for someone else :slight_smile:

I’d say the downfalls are different per each listing. Every place/house/neighborhood had it’s own issues.