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Property Insurance and Inspections Tailored for AirBnB - www.CometHome.com

Hi Everybody!

A fellow host and I have been on AirBnB for a about a year now and are working on a tool to help you as a host, and the shared economy as a whole. We’ve built www.CometHome.com to offer property inspections and profiles for hosts. The gist is:

  1. You sign up with us either on the website or via phone
  2. We send an expert inspector to come by your property and offer a 100-point inspection (modified version of the inspection that hotels go through) Some examples of things we look at are (furniture build quality, functionality of appliances, etc.)
  3. We give you a score and an online profile which you can share on your listing and with your guests to let them know you’ve been Comet Certified. We also give you a badge you can add to your listing cover photo.

This product is now live and we are happy to offer free inspections to for anybody who signs up in the San Francisco Area/Bay Area! If you’re not in the area, we would love to add you to our host community and keep in contact as we expand.

Our second product is property and liability insurance specifically tailored to AirBnB hosts and linked to your property profile. So by going through an inspection, we ensure a more customized insurance product for hosts and a more personal experience. Combining our inspections with insurance helps bring peace of mind to hosts and a safer experience for guests.

Overall, we hope to bring transparency and safety to the shared economy and want to start with AirBnB. We would really love any feedback from the community and want to build this together with the hosts around the world. Please reach out with any thoughts you may have in the comments or directly to us at ivan@comethome.com

Look forward to the dialogue!

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