Property guidebooks - Looking for advice

I have not officially listed my property yet and am in the initial research / planning phase. I am hoping to gain some insight from some seasoned hosts out there in terms of how to pull together the best property guidebook. I am leaning towards a digital guidebook, and it appears there are some tools out there with similar-looking functionality - Airbnb’s native guide, touchstay, house guide, hostfully, air guide etc, but not sure which direction to go. Any recommendations on what you’ve used successfully? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? Thanks in advance for your insights!

I’m not high tech so I keep it simple. I use a nautical header for each page. Page 1 has a list of restaurants in the area, page 2 a list of nearby attractions and page 3 has a list of beaches and parks with hiking trails, etc. So just three pages stapled together. Each guest gets a freshly printed and stapled packet in their welcome goody basket.

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We had an Airbnb digital guidebook for a while. I asked guests, and no one ever used it. I deleted it rather than try to keep it updated.


I’m not sure when they added this feature - we had not noticed it a few years ago but now they make it easy to print the digital one.
So, we can just maintain the online version and print if needed.

Thanks for sharing @Ritz3 - glad that your system is working well for you

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Thanks @RebeccaF - so do you not have a guidebook at all? or do you just use a paper one now?

thank you @Jefferson - which feature are you referring to specifically? airbnb’s digital guidebook feature?

I have a printed copy in a notebook in the condo—so combination of these. My printed copy includes only restaurants I can recommend & activities with which I am personally familiar.

No one used the online version.

People tend to sit & peruse the notebook with coffee or wine.

I also send the local chamber of commerce “about the area” website link

Example: ∕guest first name∕, your trip will be here before you know it.

Here’s a link the the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Guide. You can order a FREE copy mailed to your home or view a digital copy.

Just a two-sided page that I can easily update and print.

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I have a 3-ring binder with relevant information for my listing, plus local restaurants we support, cultural activities, maps and descriptions of local beaches and more…

Another old-school binder host here. It’s lengthy – has restaurant, shopping, sports, nature sites, public transportation info and one-page maps, off the beaten path suggestions, plus instructions on how to operate everything in the suite, house rules, what to do in an emergency (medical, car got towed, smoke alarm goes off, etc.), and a Quick Tips sheet upfront that includes “A note on Airbnb star ratings.”

Have received several positive comments on it. In plastic sleeves so easy to wipe down/replace.


Thank you all for the feedback thus far! Generally it seems like most folks are using a paper guidebook of some sort. My interest in digital is basically two-fold: 1) I want to avoid having to make updates to it frequently would require me printing out a new version, going to the property, et and 2) seems like digital guidebooks could offer a little more automation and ease of use for my guests - i.e. clicking on links to recommended local establishments or being able to search for information a little more easily. Welcome any and all additional feedback and perspectives - it’s very helpful. Thanks!

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I use Issuu. You can upload your manual for guests to read online or email a PDF to the guests.

We leave a print copy in the apartments and on the back, suggest that the guests take it home as a souvenir.


I am thinking about adding a guidebook to my website, with a QR code in the cabin for them to access. That way they are being invited to my website not AirBnb.



Thank you for sharing @jaquo! Helpful reference and beautiful guide

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Thanks @RiverRock … I have been thinking about using QR codes as well. Interested if anyone is using them much and if you / guests are finding them helpful?

We’ve had that since we reopened last June, so far, working well.


I think it’s good to offer an option- both digital and paper. I can understand the advantages to a digital version, but I’m the sort of person who would thoroughly read through a binder in the place over coffee or breakfast, but wouldn’t be particularly drawn to read through a digital version.


I have a very homespun typed version with “xeroxed” maps of my favorite local walks, San Francisco day trips, transit schedules and lots of menus of favorite eateries & local crafts shops within a 10-15 minute walk. I also have a digital version, which, even though a great number of my guests are young techies, they don’t use. I get a kick out of the many positive comments I get on it! The house is antiquey & bookish, so I think keeping the manual in tune with your vibe & style makes sense.

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Love it! What a neat book you’ve put together. It makes your place sound awesome :slight_smile:

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