Promotions to target a certain period

Hello. We’re looking at a slump in bookings for September. Do you have any idea (besides pricing low) on how to promote to efficiently target travelers who might want to visit our city during that month?

It depends on your city, your target audience. Do you have a social media account, what kind of marketing do you currently do?

I will sometimes loosen up on min stay. Not sure what you have set. But if i have 4 night min, I may move to 3 nights, 2 nights as dates approach.

$20 gift certificate to Daiso? :rofl: Just kidding. :grimacing:I think some seasons are just slow. I’m dead in Hawaii right now. Happens every summer. Use the time to fix things, take a break and maybe add your home to a new platform. Things I never have time to do while I am jammed.

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Yes you could do some proactive marketing to drive traffic to your listing. Really depends on your target audience, bit events you have locally and where you live.

For example if you are near a university you could target parents and friends of students. Near some large HQ speak to the HR people about providing accommodation for staff. Speak to your local tourism office about opportunities to partner with them.