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Promoting repeat stays, referrals

I’m in a cottage country location, just starting out and it’s the end of the peak season. Thinking of offering a 10% discount for repeat stays over the next 12 months, or guests can refer friends who will be given the same discount. Thought I’d use a code word that folks would use in their request. Anyone do this or some other idea?

We don’t offer discounts but we encourage (and get) repeat guests.

  • They say that first impressions count - true but so do last impressions. Always try to say goodbye to your guests personally and tell them that you’d love to see them again
  • Make sure that they leave with some sort of memento - it could be as simple as a business card
  • In the private section of the review tell them that you’d love to host them again
  • Encourage them to follow your rental-specific social media accounts

As long as they have had a great time with you, they’ll return :slight_smile:

Ok, I don’t have any social media accounts for the rental. I’d love to see what others are doing. I only use Facebook.

Think about the time period. Do you really want to offer a discount during your high season? It sounds as though you want more bookings during the down time, so I would reduce the timeline… only encompass the months that you need additional bookings. Or, offer a smaller discount during the peak times, and the larger one during the low season.

I have no idea if I will get repeat bookings at my location. So far, only one family has indicated that they will return. But their daughter will be in college here for the next four years, so they will be returning. I have already turned down people who want to rent every Tuesday/Wednesday for an entire year. Doesn’t work out with the AirBNB model.

You could offer to book them for two months. I’m trying to build word of mouth and repeat business, right now my rates are lower, by next year I will have a better understanding of what the market price will be. I’m also considering selling next year. But your point is valid, if I offer discount for a shorter period. I’d get more bookings during the quieter times.

No, I don’t offer discounts. But for me, it’s ‘better the devil you know’. If I’ve had guests who want to book again and left the rental in great shape, then I’d rather have them than unknown people.

I use Instagram, Twitter, LInkedIn, Flipboard and G+. Oh yes, I use FB too but hate it :slight_smile: But it does work.

Makes perfect sense to me!

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I book repeat guests via private contract and off the Air platform which provides them with a 10-12% discount that I don’t absorb. They love this and I’ve booked over 10 visits this way in the past year. and a half But I only offer this to trusted guests who take great care of the apt. I’ve had repeat guests who make me a tad nervous (a few too many beers in the recycling or not super clean) and they are re-booked via Air.

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I have had a couple of repeat “business” guests, one who asked for a discount so that he could be at his company’s nightly rate limit. His first stay was when I was just starting so my prices were much lower. I gave him the discount and he has booked a third time. Perfect guest – can barely tell he stayed at my place, other than the sheets and towels. Totally worth it! BTW, since I raised my prices (I am a “super host” with five stars and almost at the century mark), I may be one of the last places in my very popular town to book, but I still get booked. And, I have been getting more respectful guests :slight_smile:

Yes, I encourage guests to come back.

I do not give them a discount (my prices are already very low), I give them out business card and/or brochure, and tell them to contact us directly, this will already save them 10% AirBnB fees.

I don’t offer a discount. If they like it they will come back without one. I’ve had 2 different guests return 4 times each over 1-2 months. Had another come twice.

I just started doing this. I have a table tent at my welcome table that says something along the lines of: Want to stay again or refer your friends? Take one of my cards and contact me directly to avoid AirBnB’s booking fees!

I haven’t had a guest yet that way, but I have had stays from OOT friends who stay and pay and it’s nice. I figure with friends I know well I charge my costs. With referrals and repeat guests I charge what I would make after Air’s fees and save them 15%. I need to tweak my contract I’ve started so that I can send it out to people I don’t know when they (hopefully) start contacting me.

The way I see it, people who book off air for air contacts are shady. But once someone has stayed or if I did the legwork, why should I pay Air the fees? You can offer the guest a discount that way but still make the same amount! Win!

What is OOT?

20 20 20

I do this as well


Out Of Town :slight_smile: Haha, I need the 20’s too

I’ve had some repeat guests and all but one didn’t ask for a discount and didn’t ask to book outside ABB. There is one who came about 8 times for business and I did give her reduced rates. But in return she left food and wine, and took me out to dinner, she helped with the dogs. She became as much a friend as a client. If she ever had to come back to town I’d book her off ABB if she wanted.

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