Promote specific dates?

Hello all,

Is there a way to promote certain dates to potential guests? I’m thinking of going away for a month in May 2017 and would like to cover some of the cost by booking someone in for as long as possible.

I thought one way would be to lower the price below what’s typical in my area to attract attention, or is that considered ‘bad form’ in the Airbnb community?

Many thanks in advance,


If you already have a shared house listing, set up a separate one as a whole house listing.

If you don’t - just set up a listing I wouldn’t worry about going in at below price as BNB gives you a boost over the first few months.

However you will be limited by the very short time period you have available.

Thanks for the quick reply Helsi.

I have two listings at the moment, one for shared house, one for the entire home when I am away so I’ll use the latter. Interesting about the boost, as I’d noticed my bookings had dropped down the past month or so.

I’m not too worried about the short time period as 85% of bookings come in within a week or two of the arrival date.

Thanks for your input

No, it’s called competition. If I was also hosting in your area I really wouldn’t care what your price is, especially for a short period.

I don’t want bargain hunters anyway, you can have them. They’re usually the worst guests and/or more likely to rate you low and give a negative review.

Thanks Rainey, makes sense. Maybe I’ll rethink that strategy!