ProHost? Anyone heard of this category on AirBnB?

I belong to a whole house Airbnb Facebook group. Someone in there just posted something about Airbnb ProHosts. Now, I know what a superhost is, but a ProHost?

Does anybody know what a ProHost is how they differ from a regular host or a superhost on AirBnB?

and a co-host! 20202020

The hosts with hundreds of listings who get away with all kinds of things that us little guys aren’t allowed to because they bring in so much revenue to Airbnb ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is a screenshot of one of the remarks that referenced “ProHost.”

That’s not far from the truth.

Here’s the official page:


Thank you for sharing

I’ve noticed an increasing number of STRs in my area being professionally managed with names like RedAwning & Vacasa & local management companies.

I guess Airbnb is trying to compete more with Homeaway (supports management company listings)