Problem with guest

Hi everyone
I need to vent a bit.I had a guest who has never been in my town and never seen a boiler,obviously ;))
I have a boiler that has temperature buttons on it and as it heats the water,those buttons blink blue.I guess he was confused by it,but he texted me that there is not enough hot water for him to shower.I send him text with instructions what to do-press the button on and wait few moments.Next day same story,so I told him my brother can be there in 10 check it,he said he is not going to be in the house
This morning.I arrived at the house,front door were opened,cereals all over the floor,coffee stains on the kitchen counter,garbage left in the bin,one of the faucet(boiler)ripped off,puddle of water in the bedroom,vase with the flowers thrown under the sink,everything was upside down.
I went to the bathroom and turn the shower on,there was no problem with it.
How would you react in this situation?

Take photos. Reprimand guest. Notify Air. Remove guest.


I took photos,they checked out this morning
I have to admit I’ve never been in this situation

Oh @Kristina

What a nightmare guest,…sometimes you have to wonder what they get up to :slight_smile:

If it’s worth making a claim then do so - under the guarantee/deposit.

Also make sure you note his behaviour in your review.


Nightmare,exactly…I will definitely note this in the review

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I’ve never seen (or up til now heard of) a boiler for hot water, so I would have needed instruction. I suggest that as part of your house tour you give instruction on how to use it and put printed instructions in your house guide. We do both of these things as we’ve had a handful of guests who were confused by our shower which we think is simple. We even put a photo of the shower with all the levers in the correct position in the house guide.

The mess is inexcusable.

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I understand that and he was obviously confused by boiler.I showed him and texted him later when he asked.There is on and off button,like button for turn on/off the lights and that is it,unless something else on the boiler is damaged,which I was afraid of.I turned the shower on and whole bathroom was steamy from the hot water,so I didn’t understand his claim that there was no hot water for him to shower.
There was a welcome guide in the house,but I guess he threw it away because it is missing

Make sure you review this experience so that other hosts are aware of his behavior!


They’re more conventionally known as hot water heaters. It’s an on-demand system, unlike some places, like the US, which seem to have always-on systems. This is presumably at least partly a function of energy prices.

We have a tankless water heater. It doesn’t have an on/off button. Turning on the hot water turns it on.

Sorry to hear of this experience with this guest, I agree with the others to please write an accurate review. You must have been devastated upon returning to find that kind of mess.


Sorry to hear this happened to you. Please note his behaviour in review to warn future hosts, we help each other by leaving honest review to bad guests. And I hope you can get some compensation from Airbnb for permanent damage caused by the guest. For the mess, unfortunately you have to clean it up with extra time.

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I have been on Air bnb for 2 years,this is my third year and I’ve seen a lot,but this was just too much for me.
Communication was about the boiler and all he had to do is turn on the shower and see that water is hot,because it steams up whole bathroom(it’s a small bathroom).I think he did it on purpose,to molest me.
I cleaned it pretty fast,there was two of us cleaning up,I had next arrival in 3 hours.I’ve discovered things he did as I was cleaning.
Very unpleasent experience

In US we don’t have boilers but the rest of the world does. Its very easy , just like Kristina explained: switch on and off. Thats all it is, ON and OFF. Not to understand that or figure it out even on your own is to be a complete idiot. If he managed to book appartment on computer he should be able to follow these directions.

Try to do a damage claim for extra cleaning. I am getting pissed even reading it.