Problem with Airbnb and payment. Guest paid them ... they haven't paid me!

Hi All;
I am a 5 star host with all kinds of great reviews. Have 4 places so am conversant with how to resolve issues.

Airbnb collected the money from a guest 7 months ago and has not dropped it into my bank. I have spent many hours on the phone talking to their reps. Lots of promises they will contact me and fix the problem. Nothing happens. The guest was a return and I spoke to her regarding this situation. I know she paid as she gave me her information!

I used to think Airbnb was great. Now I think they are okay. I used to run all my bookings through them as I thought it was easier and better Now I book away from this site. I would tell someone who is thinking of working with them they are okay. Not good. I love the people who come stay and have had so many wonderful experiences. Airbnb is mediocre.

I know it is harsh…but…what do you think of not letting people stay if the money has not hit my bank account? I think it is a terrible idea but how can we owners protect ourselves from the actions of Airbnb? This is the real problem!

Anyone have any recommendations of how to get this corrected? I speak with the reps. Nothing. The situation was escalated several times and I have emails saying they are looking into it. Then nothing. Money still shows as owed…but they won’t send it!

Best option is to complain on Facebook or twitter

How would this work? We never see the money until after they’ve checked in. Has the person not stayed yet?

Someone reserved 7 months ago and their stay began recently? What is the length of their stay.

You mean ask them to leave after they’ve checked in?

Would not work for one nighters, but for longer stays if you have not been paid contact AirBnB and tell them to cancel the booking and rehouse the Guest as not being paid is an extenuating circumstance.

My guess is that you are much more likely to be paid.

Hi All,

I am a 4.7 star host. I am facing a problem with the payment issue by Airbnb.

Airbnb collected the money from two guests nearly 2 months ago but has not paid me till date. I have spent many hours speaking the Resolution Managers ( 3 in Nos) during last two months. Every time new Resolution Manager was assigned. Lots of promises were made. Every time I was told that technical team was looking into the problem and issue would be resolved shortly. But alas nothing has happened so far. Doe anybody know is there any escalation metrics ?

I thought Airbnb was a great company but my experience, so far, with them has not been positive.
I read no of such complaints in this forum of such behavior by Airbnb. How an international company like Airbnb keeps on cheating the hosts ? How can they escape without any accountability and liability ?

Are they governed or supervised by any Regulator(s) with whom we can take up issue ?

Kindly help


I had the same issue a couple of years ago. The people had stayed and then changed the dates while here. Then they changed the dates back to the original times. I was fine with this. However, the way the airbnb financial process works it did not work with them and it baffled their computers. Airbnb would not give me the money for a long time. I finally got the accounting people on line and then they could release the funds. Simultaneously, the accounting people then released their internal process which thought they the guest still owed money. I was in touch with the guests who had stayed with me and they had paid the correct amount. So I could prove they had paid and it was the Airbnb computer system which caused this.

It was a bunch of calls and trouble to get this sorted. Is your issue something like this? The Airbnb computer system can not handle anything out of the ordinary. It would be helpful if you could get the guests to email you the paperwork which proves payment.

I do note that if us hosts treated the Airbnb guests the way that Airbnb treats us, we would be kicked off the Airbnb site.

Hope this helps!

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