Problem with account and payment

Dear friends.
I have big problem. 12days ago I have seen that something wrong with my paxment. I had guests and pased 48h while they come to my villa and airbnb didnt pay me at my paypal account. So I check my account and seen that someone changed pay pal account for payment. So i erase it and back to my real paypal account. Then i check payment history transaction and I saw that all money is reserved not payed to another who hacked my profile. So i change passwords and call airbnb help center 3 times ans explain all. They told me that someone will call me but i still waiting. In between time i have other 3 gropus of guests changed and never airbnb payed me anything.
Please what to do?
How can i contact them and receive as soon as possible solve of my problem?
Best regards

Oh no! There was a thread a few weeks ago where someone was hacked and I told them to be sure to check their payments! I really hope Air resolves this for you quickly! If you don’t have a concrete resolution with air in the next 24 hours, tweet them. They are very quick to resolve public issues. Something along the lines of “my account was hacked and my payout account was changed. It wasn’t discovered by me until I was missing several payments. I’m having difficulty getting help resolving this with customer service. So far I am owed $XXX”. They don’t want that public!

We have bank transfer and not Paypal for Airbnb purposes. But when you say that another person’s Paypal info was there, do you mean the email address? Did you screenshot it?


I didnt screenshot them because i was innpanic and i inmediatly change. It was email paypal.

Change your EMAIL password.

That’s probably how they are getting back in. They simply get back into your email and reset the AirBnB password, then go in and change your PayPal address again. Also, contact PayPal and see if there’s anything they can do.

Make all your passwords different, don’t use any real words in the passwords, write them into a little book if you have trouble remembering (keep it with the computer never carry it around), and use something like Lastpass to manage them if this continues to happen.

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This is happening to me right now. Was it resolves you PayPal?