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Problem solved with regard to guest


I’m a superhost and a guy booked for one evening for a room in my home. I knew he would be arriving at midnight and wasn’t thrilled since my rules require check in by 9 pm. He didn’t specify the late check in until after I approved. It’s a weekend so I didn’t care, but he said a friend is picking him up this afternoon and the rules also specify 2pm is checkout time. I don’t have another guest booked oti would have already been on him to leave. But seriously it’s 4 hours later and he’s still here. I’m getting pissed off. I am hoping I don’t have to get nasty to get j out of my house vuzits a Sunday and I work tomorrow. Has anyone tactfully dealt with this ?


Wow. This is definitely a case of someone taking a mile when you’ve already generously given a yardstick. Message him on the platform and tell him he needs to vacate the room immediately as he is already way past check out time. If he doesn’t call airbnb immediately. If it were me and he didn’t leave immediately I’d probably also find that something didn’t work, like the wireless. Or maybe there would be a problem with the circuit breaker to his room. They do just give out at times and have to be replaced.

But it also sounds like you just haven’t been firm about this and told him he has to leave. No need to go from “not a problem” to “pissed off.” Just ask him to go now.


Why be tactful? This bloke has taken severe liberties. You let him check in late and allowed him to stay beyond check out time? THat’s crazy. Sorry.


Tact is not called for here. You should have been on it when he was 10 min. late and every few minutes thereafter. What were you waiting for and why the heck aren’t you talking to him right now to get packed and get his butt outside or you will seek payment for an additional night.



Red flag red fag red flag! I would’ve asked him to cancel


I would have just walked into his room at 2.05pm and said I needed to clean straight away it ready for the next guest. None of his business if that next guest isn’t arriving until tomorrow. And if he asked for 15 minutes to pack say you are on a tight schedule and he is already over time. Stand there while he packs. If he says can he wait in the lounge, unless the weather outside is atrocious and you feel kind, suggest he order an Uber and wait outside as “I am on a tight schedule”. Keep saying it. As he leaves say “Sorry to hurry you out but I am on a tight schedule and running late as I expected you to be out by 2pm”.

Having said that I have often let guests check out late and some have gone 10-30 minutes over and I’m not bothered. But when I only have 2 hours between guests to clean and change over I am down there at 11am cleaning and saying goodbye to them.

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