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Pro-Marketing page - what this?


I do sometimes think it would be nice to go occasionally to my Air listing and not to see the latest wizzy new idea their fresh-out-of-business-school new stars have come up with.

This seems to be quite a good one though. It seems we are “Pro-marketers” I hadn’t noticed this myself, thinking we are actually “rank amateur marketers”, but I’ve translated it into the fact that we have more then one listing, so we can have our own page with both our apartments listed and a pretty picture at the top.

Anyone doing this and can think of advantages/disadvantages?


I’m sorry, but I totally don’t understand what you’re talking about. Can you clarify?


What I don’t understand is what does this page do or where does it actually show up.
@Clemkadiddlehopper its on the page with your listing on it
I’ll put a picture


Oh, I see. If that’s what I think it is, it has been around for a long time.

I think this page is something guests can click to if they decide to investigate your profile. At least, it looks a lot like what I see when I snoop on potential hosts I might stay with.

You could also send a link to this page, perhaps to people who may want to book with you and want help finding your listing.


It also has social media sharing buttons which is helpful. I’ll bet that if every host here shared their listing page one a week, they’d see bookings increase!


There are a number of things that I do not like about this listing page:

  1. The calendar does not show availability as it does using a “native” search.
  2. You can add more adults and/or children than the listing allows
  3. When your search fails, you are left in la-la land and have to use the back arrow twice to get back.

If the search functionality doesn’t work, they should remove it from the listing page until the listing intern has had time or develop the skills to link into the existing calendar functionality.


I have used this feature a few times on social media and when it is connected - I have my general listing photo and my host photo and all the information for my listings. This last month, when I use the link in social media I get an Airbnb “sign in” page. with no reference to my “Pro marketing” page. Anyone else having this as an issue?

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