Private room wall colors

I need some help picking colors, any inspiration?

You need to give people more information than just this. Perhaps post some pictures of the room and describe what you offer or want to offer.

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It’s a smallish 10x12 room with 12 ft ceilings, a small closet, private entrance door in the room. I haven’t taken pictures yet of the room in its current state, but two walls are currently a light brownish taupe color one wall is white and the last wall is an ugly Sherwin Williams Rock Garden green.

White or slightly off white

That’s what my only idea going in is, neutral colors such as Grey.

Choose a colour that works with the style of the property and the sort of furniture and decoration you are having.

Light neutral colours work best.

You can get ideas from Dulux and other paint brands, who offer room ideas.

Do you have guests that say that’s what they prefer or are loud colors not anyone’s preference?

I use stonington gray (Ben Moore) for a neutral gray.

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Thank you, that’s what I’m looking for, specific suggestions people have used and guests loved.

I have trim around the door and the closet, should I paint it with an accent or leave white

You think guests comment on paint color?

No one ever has for me but I have very light beige in the current room, I’m switching rooms and wanted to remodel it a bit, I want to avoid any negative colors.

I am going to be honest. This is a silly question. The wall paint is the easiest thing to change and play with, so don’t start there. Finding the right rug, chair, curtains, etc. is far harder. Do you have an area rug in the room? Then pull a lighter, less prominent color from that. Upholstered side chair? Same thing. I generally pick the color I want and then paint the next lighter shade of the same family. I often find that I have to mix my own colors. The lightest hue on a card is too light. The second is too dark. Mixed together they are perfect.

Unless you have a very unusual space, some version of a white is nice for painted trim.


I have been asked about our main paint color numerous times. It is Silver Bells by Benjamin Moore. We use White Dove (also Ben Moore) for all of the trim. Best of luck to you—I love paint colors!

I want to take advantage of Sherwin Williams memorial day 50% off but I want to have the room rented for memorial day! It’s only 30% sale right now, might just have to bite the bullet, will make up the loss with the income. Great color recommendations so far, seems Benjamin Moore is more popular.

12ft ceilings make it a little harder to change and play with lol

I agree with smtucker if you have things you already need to coordinate with. But if a new space is a complete blank slate you have more freedom. Although paint is cheap it is a real pain to re-paint. I’ve decided the beige-gray I picked (Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige) is more yellowish than I’d like. I want something lighter and greyer but this room is only 2.5 years old so it’s going to wait…maybe if I replace the carpet I will paint.

It is easier to change colors or themes with a new duvet cover, throw pillow or rugs; it’s cheaper to repaint a room.

I also agree with it depends on the theme or decor of the room. Bold colors are great if they go with what you are doing but I can see them being off-putting in many rentals.

Lowe’s or Home Depot will gladly match any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color for you if you give them the paint code. I assume SW would do it for you, too.

I’ve had a number of guests request our paint colors, and have had three guests share after photos. Our bathroom wall color is a made up mix of two colors. One guest asked me to FedEx her a paint stick with the color, and she sent me a pic of her finished office. I thought that was over the top, but she said she had been looking for six months for the perfect (for her) blue.

It seems silly, but some guests get attached to colors when they have had an opportunity to test drive them in a rental.

I’ve never had a guest actually comment on paint colors in a review, though.

Same… I have a handout created on my computer that I can print out at anytime. It also includes the color I would paint the bedroom when I am ready to make a change.

And, my ceilings in that room are far higher than 12’. No question it is a pain in the butt to paint. It is still easier than finding an area rug with a certain shade of a color.

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