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Private Room Hosting during your personal Vacation?


I don’t want to get a generic answer to my question from an Airbnb CSR, so I wanted to ask input from other hosts.

My listing currently involves ONE room, in a 3 bedroom home. I wanted to know how you list your home when you go out of town, my first thought is to up the price and offer the whole home, yet other and creating a new listing??? I don’t believe there is an option to list the whole home in your current listing? As I type this I believe I answered my question… would I have to create a brand new listing for the whole home and block off my one room listing for the time I’m gone and open up the full house only during the time I’m gone?

Other than that, do private room hosts usually block off their vacation days and not host anyone during that time, or do you list your whole home, or just still list the one room and keep it simple?



If you wanted to list your whole home while you are away you would need to create a whole new listing. You would probably need to clear your entire house out of your stuff. We thought about doing this as we travel quite a bit but its just such a faff. Yes you would block the room off air when you list your entire place - you dont want to double book yourself.

I block my calendar the days we are not there, and obviously no one stays. You can get managing companies to manage your room (I guess) when your away.

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