Private feedback question

Is there a place on the Airbnb website where you can see the private feedback that you’ve left a guest?

I can see “reviews left by you” but I can’t find my private feedback that I’ve left for a guest.

Once it’s sent, it’s gone, never to be seen again. If you feel you want to keep a record of your private feedback to guests, you’ll need to do a cut and paste job before you hit send.

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Sorry for pulling up a very old post. I was just going to ask this question - had totally forgotten I had asked it already, so when I did a search and saw that someone had asked the question, I clicked on it - read it without noticing it was from ME! Lol, OMG, I guess I’d still like to be able to see it!

I have been keeping a spreadsheet for years, but prior to asking the original question, I had not been keeping track of the private feedback.