Private feedback is better than my public feedback!

Anyone else have issues with how reviews are written by guests.
I’ve only been hosting since late June and have been quite busy!
All of my reviews have been 5* but most of the best feedback is left in the private feedback section!
All have left a good review but mostly I wish they’d written their private feedback where future guests can see it!

IMHO you really don’t want “feedback” in a review. In a review you want “had a great time, lovely place, want to come back,blah, blah…”. Feedback is where they tell you what was “the good, the bad and the ugly” about their visit, and you really don’t want that public!

You do want to know, privately, that they thought the bed was super soft but really noisy, there were ants all over the kitchen counter, you should have had a hair dryer in the bathroom, the toilet ran half the night, and the shower curtain fell down.

Yes I see what you’re saying!
I suppose it’s because they’ve all said such lovely things about how we’ve hosted them and made them feel welcome etc in the private feedback more so than in the public review.
I’m pretty new to all this and have really had all lovely guests… Hard work but worth the extra income. Next holiday or new shutters for house paid for!

I have had a few guests do that, too - a one line, ok review public and then gushing in private. But it was only a few guests - I think they didn’t understand what they were doing - I hope it turns around for you. I know it was VERY frustration for me, too.

Aye, the guests didn’t quite understand the intent of the public and private sections. In public should be overall opinion, in private is the place to give specific opinions and make specific suggestions.

I got a one-line review one time that was ok and also a glowing private review. I thanked her publicly and said I felt compelled to paste her glowing private review, so I did. She had no idea what to put where and said she was glad that I did it. :blush:


How did you do that?

Presumably as part of the host response to the guest review. (Sorry, butting in…)


I just put my best 3 reviews (private or public ones) as blurbs in the beginning part of my house description

"I would give this place A MILLION STAR RATING if I could!!!
We had the time of our life! "
Katy, Portland, Oregan

" The room and the bathroom make you feel as though you’re staying in a 5 star hotel! By far the best place we stayed on our trip through Italy and also the cheapest!"
Salar, Australia

"Elizabeth is always one step ahead of you to make your stay as comfortable as possible. She even offered to use a bicycle -There I was cycling through beautiful medieval Bologna, as if I was Julia Roberts in the ‘Eat pray love’ movie! "
Esther, Amsterdam, Holland


This is a great idea and I think I’m about to steal it. :smile:

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I’ve been considering doing that @Elizabeth - you’ve now convinced me, thanks!