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Print calender?

Hi, I’d like to be able to print off my Airbnb calendar each month.
I tried printing the page but that didn’t work. Is there a function/option I’m not seeing?

Screenshot it. That’s how I get atound things. :slight_smile:

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Great thanks, didn’t consider the obvious!

I agree it’s a FUBAR on Air’s part not to allow printing of the calendar. Like Paul, I use the Snipping Tool to capture the calendar and print it either directly or pasted into a text document.

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I am curious – why would you print it? Isn’t it ever changing? Or are you printing it at month end? I sync Airbnb with a Google calendar, which I am super happy with.

Hi there, I want to print it so I can give it to others involved in running the listing, July is pretty much full so I’d like to have a hard copy for all of us to easily see who’s coming and going.
Good idea re the Google calendar. Thanks

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That’s why I love my Google calendar. My cleaning lady has read access to it and she can check my schedule. It has been so successful she wants all her other clients to use a Google calendar.

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