Pricing questions

the calendar is listed there at the top. @Cyndyrr327

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Yes, but that will show her the multicalendar. She still has to click on her listing name to the left of it to get the monthly calendar to show.

I don’t get to mine through the Today page you show. I just sign into hosting, click on Menu at the top, and then Calendar from the drop down menu.

It’s simple. First, NEVER CHANGE SETTINGS FOR YOUR LISTINGS ON A PHONE EXCEPT IN AN EMERGENCY. The phone app is horribly glitchy, and much harder to use.

Second, once you find the multicalender, bookmark it on your web browser, along with your message center, and any other Air things you will want to find quickly. You can just create a new bookmark menu item called “Air” and make a menu of those items.

I know many people who keep looking up web pages all the time, when they could bookmark them and not waste time finding them again.


I have never used the phone app. It seems like most people think if you need to access your Airbnb acct. from your phone, you have to use the app. But you can use the browser on the phone to access the desktop version. Harder to use on the phone than a laptop, but you can certainly use it if the app is glitching.

FYI an ipad is a great way to run your business while away from your laptop. Inexpensive, light, and very portable.