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Pricing- Peak season, Cleaning fee -May 2017


Hi I am new to Airbnb host, I can’t seem to set my prices to have peak season and off peak season in my Calendar. It seems simple if you follow the steps (which I find on the web), but to no avail.

Here are the steps I TRIED:

Go to manage listing- then to Calander- if I click on the dates that I want to increase the price, it blocks out those dates. Am I just being dumb?

Also with adding a cleaning fee:

Their is no option under Price in the settings? Has the app been updated, or Am I just being doff again?

Anybody else having these issues? Please help…


First, I would try out the computer version and not mess with it on the app. It’s very limited when you’re wanting to adjust your listing. And yes, there is no peak options, you just set your base price and make adjustments as you deem necessary, use their “smart pricing” which has never met the potential of my pricing, or I use Beyond Pricing where I enter my base price and they adjust my prices daily based on day of the week, how close the date is, seasonality, events in the area. It costs 1% of my rents, but since it’s so comprehensive and saves me a lot of time it’s worth it to me as I do make a lot more money than when I was doing it myself.

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