Pricing more than one bed in a listing

I have a large suite that has three beds. Right now I have the pricing set for more then two guests it is $25 per additional guest per night. This is problematic when there are just two people wanting two beds. Right now they get the same price as a couple using one bed. Any suggestions for being able to price according to how many beds will be used would be appreciated.
thank you.

How much of a discount do you offer if three people sleep in one bed? Asking for my husband and boyfriend…


I know there was quite an in depth discussion about this before. Have you checked via the search bar? If I remember the final beat answer seemed to be including an extra bed charge in the House Rules. I could be wrong though. I charge by the person over 1 so it doesn’t matter to me.

Yes, there have been several discussions here about the issue so searching is a good idea.

I charge a fixed price no matter how many people are coming. But this is a very tiny apartment that only sleeps three and even then, one has to go on the sofa. And I only supply stuff for two people and bedding for the queen bed.

So many hosts here spend so much time worrying about extra guests, trying to get the additional fees and so on so my advice would be to put your price up by $25 per night. Put in your listing that if fewer than three people are staying, thus saving you laundry and other costs, you’re happy to give a discount, for example for couple sharing the bed.

This should save you a lot of hassle.


My house has a 3-person hammock that was hand-tied in the Yucatan, y’all come on over :joy:


Appreciate the offer, but I think my motion sickness might interfere with enjoying the hammock.

I tried to do this and Airbnb told. me that I can’t. It’s against rules. So I can only charge by number of people. My living room can be converted into a bedroom.

I charge an extra guest fee after 1 person. I do this to effectively give a discount to solo-travelers as well as any group less than 4. Our 2 bedroom apts max at 4 people. It’s true that sometimes two people use two beds instead of one but I just let it work itself out - e.g. sometimes our 2 person price means we only change one bed and sometimes it means we have to change 2 beds. I just decided to not count on it being either way. I’ve also come to think that changing the bed isn’t really the biggest difference between hosting 1 or 2 persons. More importantly, we get a lot of bookings from 2-people groups that need two bedrooms (whether it be work peers or married couples or best girlfriends) because of our pricing structure - it is an affordable 2-bedroom for 2 people so I feel like that more than makes up for changing an extra bed here and there. A shift in the expectations might make it easier.

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With multiple beds in the room, can you really be certain how many beds a guest used? Couldn’t someone remake a used bed to make it look unused?

If I were hosting a room with multiple beds, I think I’d feel compelled to change every bed after every stay, regardless of how many guests were there.

And I would price the room accordingly.

I’ve got a bedroom—huge room, takes up the entire 3rd floor of the house— that has 5 beds in it (and we can fit 4 twin size air mattresses too with no trouble)…do you think you’d feel the same if there was only one or two guests booked in it?

Absolutely. You have no way to know whether someone took a bedspread off, used it, and replaced it. Yup. I’d want everything washed. If it were our house, we’d wash everything.

We wash every towel we leave in the bathroom, regardless of whether they look used.

I have a special way of folding the top of the sheets when I make the bed which makes it pretty easy to tell if someone has been on/in the bed. I do that all the time when I have one or two people staying, saves me a bit of work.


Thinking…extra pleat on the fold over?

Sort of - it’s something that the guest is unlikely to do themselves.

I have a very specific way of making the beds such that I can always tell if they’ve been messed with—plus i iron every pillowcase so I can tell if a pillow has been used.

I can’t ignore how wasteful this must be - of water and energy and detergent and your time and your money. It must also shorten the lives of your linens with the wear and tear of extra washing.