Pricing format change

Today when doing a search for rooms in my area I saw that all the prices are now shown as PER PERSON…instead of the global base price as it has been since we joined airbnb 4 years ago. We are in France, is it like this in other countries?

Still base price around me in the UK

My area of the world is still displaying the total price; not the price per person. A search in Uzés, one of my favorite places to visit, also shows price per night.

just checked again and in fact it is only for searches for more than 2 people. That is, for 1 or 2 people is the total price that shows on the map, but for more than that it is a price per person.

This I am seeing! Not sure how I feel about it, to be honest. At least 1/2 my 3-people groups are families, while the rest are three adults, primarily a couple plus friend. In those cases, perhaps price per person is useful, but doesn’t everyone have a calculator?

My feeling is that it would favor slightly the more expensive properties …for example a group of 5 looking at two properties one at $75 ($15/pp) and the other at $200 is likely to be more receptive to the more expensive if it is listed per person ($20/pp)

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A correction:

$75 / 5 = $15 per person.

$200 / 5 = $40 per person.

thanks. advanced math was never my thing.

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Is this sarcasm a la francaise? :smirk:

Bien sur :upside_down_face: