Pricing for additional basement space?

We rent out a 2-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.

It’s attached to a basement that we’re planning to make finished fairly soon with a shower, toilet, sink, and comfortable living space. It’s locked off but we’re considering giving access for an additional fee.

I’m wondering how we should price and market it.

Right now, the base price is set for 4 people. We allow 7 people max, and charge $25/person/night for over 4 guests.

Let’s say the basement sleeps an extra 4. Should I just simply change the max allowed guests to 11 or is there a better option? Does anyone have experience with this?

My concern with setting the max to 11 is that smaller parties might perceive the place as “too large for them” and look elsewhere thinking they’re overpaying.

Personally I would set up two listing for two spaces – upstairs and the basement. You’ll get a LOT more 2-4 guest rentals than you will 7-8 guests rentals… more than twice as many I’d guess…

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I agree with KenH (and where’s the pic of your Norwegian Forest Cat Ken???) that you should separate into two listings. Too big, and you’ll attract parties on the lash. I no longer host groups attending weddings etc, as they want to check in very early or very late. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

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