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Pricing and utilizing host management services


Hello Everyone. Please allow me to thank all of you for sharing your questions and expertise as Airbnb Hosts. I am not yet hosting, but When I begin, I will utilize the value information I have garnered here.

Please forgive me if these questions have already been asked and answered, I just couldn’t locate the posts.

  1. Some listings appear to set the rate based on per person in incremental amounts, and some listings are one set based on one flat fee, irregardless of the number of guests. I am confused how one goes about setting a nightly rate.

  2. Do any of you utilize a service that performs all or a portion of hosting duties to ensure a rewarding and pleasant hands off hosting experience in your absence? What are your thoughts? Do you have any companies that you would recommend or how and where to vet for such a service? Thank you for your input.


If and when you actually create an Airbnb account and start to create your listing, it’s pretty obvious where you set your base nightly rate and whether you charge extra for guests over some base number. It’s just a matter of typing a number in a text box. How you decide what amount to charge should be based on the ‘comps’ in your area – what other nearby hosts with similar listings are charging.


The price will depend on what works for the market in your area. Do some research on what models other comparable properties in your area charge. The vast majority have an extra per person charge.

Lots of people use co-hosts or a local management service. No-one can recommend a service when we don’t know where you live. You would be much better asking a local host group or once you create your listing information on local co-host will be available through Airbnb. (See Airbnb Help Centre).

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