Prices discrepancies

Fair!y new to Airbnb. I’m bemused by pricing which seems to vary wildly from what I set up. Our 4 bed house in Spain was set up at E100 per night but the price quoted in the ad varied without my knowledge.
Today I searched for a stay in my area as an outsider. My ad came up quoting E58 per night. When I went to booking page it quoted E100!
What’s going on? Anyone know?

Double check your settings. It sounds like smart pricing is turned on. Also, when you search initially it will show the minimum price. Somewhere in your settings you have the 58 entered. But when booking an actual date it shows the price for that date which smart pricing is changing based on a variety of factors.

Turn smart pricing off and do your own market research.


Thanks K9. Trouble is I can’t seem to find Smart Pricing let alone then it off. Where is the button?

Airbnb has a help center where answers to basic questions can be found. We are a forum of Airbnb hosts, not the Airbnb help center.

Did you give monthly or weekly discounts?

Also there was a glitch last week when you see one price butvwhen you actually click on listing it shows you a different price . As far as I know it was corrected

Today I was updating an article on my site and adding a couple of embed codes for listings in Monaco. When I looked at the listings on the Airbnb site, the prices were $150 - 200 per night. When they went live from the embed codes, they were $80 - 90 per night.

When I look at our own listings on the app, they are usually about $60 more than they are on the website.

C’est la vie!

Thanks Dusty 're smart pricing but on my pricing there is no option for smart pricing. It doesn’t appear anywhere as an option. What next???

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