Price settings for "all future dates" booking window

I recently started renting out our entire cabin through airbnb. I am considering setting the booking window to “all future dates.” There are certain dates each year that I want to go with a higher rate and/or longer minimum booking requirement, i.e., holidays. Is there anyway to do this universally for the same set of dates for every year? I know I can go to the individual dates on my calendar and make changes but this is rather tedious and I’m hoping there is a more efficient way to do it.

Also, any opinions on going with a wide open booking window?

I have tried to do that and have not discovered a methodology; on the other hand it took me only a few minutes extra to do it manually, because I set the prices for only 2 years in advance and blocked the rest of the calendar beyond October, 2018.

If you live in a western nation, they don’t have that many holidays, if where I live (Belize), it seems like every other Monday is a holiday, and the off-holiday Mondays are usually reserved to ‘celebrate’ someone’s funeral. :rolling_eyes:

Thanks for the tip. How do I block the rest?

You can drag the little >> in any given cell and it will highlight the rest of the days that month quickly as you drag the mouse. One thing Airbnb is awful about, their calendar doesn’t show many months at once, unlike VRBO or Flip Key, but only one month at a time. Yuk