Price not updated in search results

When I change the price in Calendar and then open a new anonymous window or try to search on different computer logged out, the search shows the old price. This doesn’t last just a few minutes, but right now 8+ hours, no matter which computer I try. Trying F5 doesn’t help. It always worked instantly and immediately showed the updated price in the search results…

Anyone also experiencing this problem in last few days? This is a serious bug with major impact on my especially last minute bookings.

I didn’t experienced exactly that but I did change many things in my listing and nothing showed up. I called AB and they said that they have a bug now on their end and that they will be in touch.

It was 4 days ago, I didn’t hear a thing yet and the listing doesn’t show the updates.

I created the support ticket with screenshots as phone line showed at least 20 minutes of waiting for an international number, and so far after 12 hours no reply…

Try calling at night. Looks like it’s worth the 20 mins wait…

Yes, I’ve experienced the same and have found it can take up to 24 hours for the system to start displaying the new adjusted prices.

that is terribly long time for such important thing as price, especially if you want to change/lower the price for the same date or tomorrow if you are not booked.

I just received reply from Aibnb after 24 hours that they will check it now, hope they tell me something useful…

Yes, unfortunately they seem to have really fallen behind in their response times. I had a recent issue take 17 days to resolve involving 4 different case managers - huge pain in the neck. You have to stay on top of them.

I was just about to post something along the same lines, but you actually helped me figure out what was going on. My search shows my listing at $210 per night for a certain date:


But then when you click in the detail it shows this amount:


I was going to ask here why that was, but then I realized that it was listed at a base price of $137 per night until just a few minutes ago when I raised the price (I had a cancellation and I think I can actually get more for the night now). It’s weird when the search and the details don’t match!! $137 + $50 cleaning + 13% air fees = $210

so I went through couple of calls with Airbnb support and all they said was it takes up to 48 hours for the price to be updated in the search results.

this is absolute bullshit as before it was working instantly after changing the price. if they keep it like this it is a major bug with huge impact on bookings, as you can’t flexibly change the price for example for last minute bookings for the next day. the potential guest still sees the old price in the search result and therefore isn’t inclined to book or even click on the detail of your listing (I assume you lower the price for last minute booking).

the price shown in search results was always WITHOUT airbnb fees for at least 2 years, and now besides not updating instantly it shows a weird price somewhere between the price with and price without the airbnb fees. if you click on the detail of the listing, you get completely different price too.

hope they fix this mess ASAP.

@dev22 So now, several hours after I raised the price it appears as $198 per night in the search, which is the $148 I have it listed as plus the $50 cleaning fee. No other fees are included (which is how it always was before). Very confusing and frustrating and I’m sure for guests as well.