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Previous guests want to rebook but can't figure out how to


I have a guest from last year, , who I would gladly welcome back, that wants to book my place again in a couple of months. I have tried to explain to her how best to find my listing but she is still having issues. Is there a direct link that I can send her or some clear guidance?


Can you just send the URL? Or as you’re in contact with her already take it as a direct booking?


Find the message thread from the previous visit and look on the left side where the booking info and price was. Under the how much you’ll earn part is a “send special offer” link. Click on that and a box will open at the top where you enter their dates and the price you want. Then all they have to do is accept the offer. Airbnb will send them an email with the link to it as well. so


As @Gardenhost has already mentioned, as you are already in contact, why bother going through Airbnb?

You already know they are good guests, and you can offer her a discount for booking directly.

Win. Win.


You could discount only by the amount you would have paid Airbnb and they will save all the air fees so it will still seem like a good deal to them. Don’t forget to charge tax though.


I just give my guests a discount on the airbnb fee they would have paid. They are happy and I am happy we both end up getting more :blush:


Thank you everyone for the suggestions as most of these, if not all, ever crossed my mind. I appreciate all of the feedback!

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