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Previous guest has stayed twice - 5 stars previously and this time 4


We have a regular sporting event with an early start. This guest has stayed twice before with his crew and been very happy. This time he stayed at my newer listing and on review he leaves five stars for everything but cleanliness, which I have never failed on before so I message him and asked what I missed. He messaged back - I didn’t want to state this publicly but the guy staying downstairs saw a rat inside the house. I sure this was a one off and seeing you are between a school and a shopping centre it isn’t your place but a issue with the position of the property.
I thanked him and said exterminators would be there the next day. His reply was “see you next year”.
I never thought I would be grateful for 4 stars!


And a four star on one category doesn’t even matter. Good job.


Shame the guy didn’t tell you in private feedback anyway though! Strange you had to ask.


He should have mentioned it during his stay, so you could have called the exterminator then.


so what did the “guy downstairs”'s review look like?!


Great place to stay, central to everything

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