Previous guest damage forces a cancellation for next guest checking in

I decided to start a new thread, but this question was asked in another thread where the previous guest caused damage, and next guests were checking in same day.

And it’s a good question. Has anyone here ever filed a claim to charge the previous guest damages, PLUS the lost income for having to cancel the next guest? According to some posters it seems that Air is more willing to pay out of their pocket when a guest “admits” to the damage.

So, let’s say your previous guest trashed your place/room. You have 3 hours until the next guest checks in. It’s impossible to get the place fixed up in time. You apologize to the next guests and they have to find another place. You file a claim charging for the damages AND any income you lost on the next reservation. I consider lost income to be damages caused by the guest. Your guest DOES admit to causing the damage, but refuses to pay the entire bill.

Has anyone here ever filed the lost income on a damage claim (regardless of anything in their fine print)? And if so, what was the result?


A great question…I would hope that you could but knowing BNB I am sure they have something in their terms and conditions that means you can’t/

Why of course. They would likely say that they will cover it under the host guarantee in the case my insurance denies the claim…lol.

As I read more and more crazy rep. stories on this forum, and all the inconsistencies…it seems there is a secret sequence to getting Air to cough up. Just haven’t quite figured it out yet. By the time you catch on to the sequence, they change the policy. Sigh…

I would not be surprised if ABB charges the host for having to cancel a booking.
They have not been very supportive to hosts lately, IMO.

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You shouldn’t be surprised. They DO charge hosts to cancel as a detterant. In the situation of significant damage is expect it to be extenuating circumstances.