Pre-check-in menu of options

Hi…I’m interested in offering a pre-check-in “menu” of options. From bed-making style to welcome snacks to how the beds can be set up…room fragrance or no…etc.
So they could select (drop-down menu?) and comment. Could I do that on FB? Or??

How far would you take it?
100% Egyptian cotton
100% cotton
Poly cotton

With top sheet
No top sheet

Then if you got it wrong… the dreaded Karen review…….


You can use the “check-in details” page that becomes visible to guests roughly 3 days before check-in and send your guest a reminder to review them, something you should likely be doing anyway. That page will also allow you to post external URLs (unlike your listing description). Google Forms is a free option to meet your dropdown menu setup needs allowing guests to click their choices (without being able to see anyone else’s) as well as pen in optional additional notes, and can be set up to conveniently notify you if they did choose to customize their stay by entering options in the form.

I would suggest to under promise and over deliver.



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If you post something on the net, it’s forever sista/bro.

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This. Seems to me that presenting a bunch of options near check-in could easily lead to added complications. We simply inquire for each guest if they have any particular needs for recommendations for “places to go, things to do, spots to eat, etc”.
Sometimes, a guest is celebrating a birthday or anniversary, and request some type of “welcome basket” - and we are happy to accommodate it.

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No worries Lynn. Good question.

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I agree good question. I tried to offer a concierge service like “The refrigerator & liquor can be stocked when you arrive for an extra fee” & failed. I would like ideas on how to functionalize it.

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As usual, some of us are not answering the question – we’re opining on the utility of offering pre-check in choices, not how to set it up!

So I can’t resist. I think it depends on the type of property. I can see offering a list of options for a high end, luxury property or for longer term stay. For example, whether folks want the room to be cleaned every week. Radomoid has given you a suggestion on set up.

My guest stays are short and busy and my offerings of space and amenities are standardized to try to cover a variety of guest needs. For example, I always have a couple gluten-fee snacks in the basket. A checklist would just be extra work for my guests and they probably wouldn’t respond or even be annoyed that they were supposed to respond. I’ve also got it covered by the “welcome and let me know if you need anything” message on day of check in.

Note: Lingering fragrance may bother the next guest who has sensitivities. I do provide a canister of natural orange spray in the bath but I’m rethinking even that. I know it’s been used to cover up prohibited smoking. The ashes in the toilet were kind of a giveaway.

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I can’t even get people to tell me if they want breakfast.


Yes, I’m assuming a lot.

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Exactly! That is why we are at 100% Favorable reviews. Plus if someone is upset about something I address it, from an offer for a discounted or free stay to gifts from my Maple Shop.

I am sorry I am new to this forum. I was responding to the comment about promising a little and delivering a lot.