Pre-boooking Message

Hello All:

After the recent Airbnb site redesign(s), I am having trouble locating where to update my pre-booking message. My listings have IB activated. Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Pre-booking message?

Go to manage listings and then booking settings. Then under guest requirements there is an edit button for “guest trip requirements.” It doesn’t seem to be called “pre booking message” now. All this is on the desktop version, not the app. It may be different on the app.

Thank you - K9KarmaCasa – I found it

KenH – A pre-booking message is what Guests read before IB.

I address the Top 2 questions upfront – (1) Luggage storage is available before official check–in and after check-out, (2) parking is available. I also ask them to tell me why they are visiting

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I hate the way Air rearranged everything and the stuff you need is buried under three different levels!