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Pre-booking message

On my listing preference page is the option to have a Pre-booking message for potential guests. Could someone who has used AirBNB as a guest tell me where in the process of booking would you see this message?

Though I am assuming that this is an Instant Booking feature, I would love to know if this is the case.

It turns out that there is a pretty major bug in the PREFERENCES for those of us inflicted with Instant Booking, and anyone who has verified their ID can book my home without contacting me. The “Recommended by Other Hosts” button is dysfunctional. I won’t go into the entire set of discussions I had last night with AirBNB, but I have blocked off all open dates for the moment while I decide how much abuse I can stomach.

It’s only there if you have IB. I turned of my IB a few days and it was disabled.

That is useful, but doesn’t really answer the question!

Since I can’t turn off IB, I really would like to know when that message is seen by the guest.

Oops sorry. Time for more coffee. I don’t know the answer.

Why did you turn off IB?

That message comes up the stage just prior to confirming payment.

My pre-booking message says to read the house rules thoroughly, plus 2 main points that they must know/agree to before they book (taxes and our drought).

It is an IB feature. I think it should be there for all guests to read though…one last chance to knock 'em over the head with important points.


I was having construction work here and wanted to make sure guests knew there would be noise and workers as early as 8 am. It worked out great. I had two bookings, two 5 star reviews.

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Thank you very much. That is what I needed to know. I am going to ask them to confirm that they have read the full property description ensuring that my home is the right one for them.

I’m glad for this thread as I had misunderstood it’s purpose when I initially set-up my listing. I’ve now updated it to use it more effectively!

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Ditto – going to edit my pre-booking message right now!

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This is what I wrote for my IB pre-booking message: Thank you for considering my townhome as your place to stay while you’re in Boulder! By making a reservation, you are confirming that you have read my entire listing and agree to my house rules.

That’s about all I could write because Air limits the number of characters.


My message, quickly added this morning currently reads:

Thank you for your interest in the Windmill House. If it isn’t possible to “meet” before you book, please make sure that you have read the full description to ensure that our home is right for you.

However, my AirBNB person [the first one with a clue] just called me and my account now has the “Recommended by Other Hosts” button selected. I have been told NOT to touch these settings, which leads me to believe that the bug isn’t fixed, but my account is.

Now we will see if this person who booked without having a history on AirBNB will ever respond to my messages.

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