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Pre aprove should l have not

I pre aproved a guest for 6 days on airbnb. Then just before coming a couple of days l was sent a message can they come the evening before due to working early the next day. So l said yes so we prepared and cleaned the apartment leaving breakfast etc in the fridge. We met them at 9pm, they seemed nice people said to ring if they needed anything. after a few days l sent a message to tell airbnb they had come a day earlier, no reply l sent a couple more as to how do we deal with this as l got paid 6 instead of 7 nights and l got it 48 hrs after not 24 hrs. I rang a coupke of times as l needed to know the time they were leaving. Finally they answered and said they were not paying for the first night as we were unfriendly we only saw them once and we were very friendly went out of our way, we couldn t see them any other time as they were working from 8am till 9pm. We did the best we could, they even insulted our beautiful apt said it was dirty we spent 8 hours preparing it. I am disgusted at there bad manners we believe they wanted a free night. It is happening again another guest has asked for 1 night but then asked for 2 but hasn t put it on the calendar yet, so l haven t pre aproved as l dont want the same thing to happen what is the answe to this.

You need to make the change of the reservation before they are coming to your place


Zou learned the hard way.

Always have reservations changed before they arrive.
If they do not change it, send them a change trough the resolution centre.

If they do not change DO NOT LET THEM IN!!


@Annemarie - man, that’s terrible!

At the top of either the messaging with that guest, or, the confirmation page, there is a button in red that says ‘cancel or change reservation’.

Did they request the extra day through the airbnb messaging platform? Then send in the change request now. Then, call airbnb and tell you they have said they are refusing to pay. Airbnb can look at the messages and see that the guest asked for that addition night.


When I first started reading your post, I was under the impression that the guests asked for a ridiculous free early check in (the evening before), not that they wanted to actually pay and book the additional night.

And when they said you were unfriendly to them…what was your response?

That’s terrible. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I know it’s hard to shake off insults, but bear in mind that it’s clear that they only said you were unfriendly and insulted your place because they didn’t want to pay for the first night. I’m sure that Airbnb will side with you on this. Guests are not due a discount for hosts being “unfriendly” or for the house not being to their standards. If Airbnb can’t get them to pay, hopefully their account will be cancelled.

Yeah, I thought this too. I wonder if the guests thought they were getting a freebie and then when they realised they weren’t came up with the BS stories to get out of paying…

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My take also. This happens to me all the time, guests making special requests for changes, never a problem, as long as I am dead frank on added costs.

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